Rich Adventure

Richard Harpham (,, &
Expedition kayaker and professional adventurer who has covered over 10,000 miles in just over 9 years on 24 or so larger expeditions and plenty of smaller gigs. The Big 5 Kayak Challenge founder has canoed the Yukon, 1000 miles from Vancouver to Alaska, crossed the English channel (busiest shipping lane in the world) three times and also kayaked and cycled from London to Marrakech. He is an inspirational speaker who has a successful business career safely behind him and also managed the Ghana Ski Team to the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. He runs with his wife providing canoeing, kayaking, SUP'ing and a wild campsite in Bedfordshire, just one hour North of London.

His latest exploits see him working hard to inspire young people and communities through Inspired Life CIC and also through his adventures...Hope you like them.